Industry Standard Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems

Empire Fire & Safety provides industrial paint booth fire suppression in Colorado. In full compliance with national and local regulations, we work hard to provide the ultimate fire protection for paint booths to minimize the devastation of a fire. We test, inspect, and maintain paint booth fire suppression systems to ensure proper performance in the event of a fire.

With a fully integrated fire protection system for your commercial paint booth, you’ll ensure a rapid response during a fire to prevent life and property loss. Due to the extremely volatile environments when working with paint booths, a fire has the potential to destroy your business. But, we’ll work to protect your business with industry standard paint booth fire suppression inspections and testing.

National and local regulations require the periodic testing of paint booth suppression systems to ensure optimal performance. With skilled and knowledgeable staff, we’ll ensure all regulations are met to promote the operational performance of the fire suppression system.

Paint Booth Fire Inspections»

  • Visually inspect location and performance of nozzles.
  • Link line and detector positions.
  • Automatic actuation of the fire system.
  • Internal inspection for corrosion.
  • Piping and copper tubing.

Paint Booth Tests»

  • Terminal test link.
  • Test remote pull station.
  • Examine, record, and verify hydro test date of cylinders.
  • Examine, record, and verify regulator test dates.
  • Electrical interlocks.

Paint Booth Verifications»

  • Verify exhaust functions for activation.
  • Replace fusible links.
  • Replace center link housing
  • Proper level of pressurized tanks.
  • Check for any obstructions.

Upon the completed inspection of the paint booth fire suppression systems, we’ll provide a comprehensive written report detailing all findings and the operational standards of the fire suppression systems.

We’ll work hard to minimize the devastation caused by paint booth fires. Contact Empire Fire & Safety today for testing and inspections of your industrial paint booth fire suppression system.

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