Inspection and Testing of Backflow Prevention Devices

Empire Fire & Safety offers backflow prevention inspections in Colorado to ensure the proper operation of backflow devices. With our comprehensive backflow prevention services, we’ll work to prevent the reverse flow of water into public water systems from commercial and industrial facilities.

The use of backflow prevention devices require periodic testing to ensure proper operation. Our experienced and highly trained professionals abide by all federal and local regulations to conduct certified backflow prevention testing. In fact, Empire Fire & Safety are certified backflow prevention test professionals and hold certifications for the Sate of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Our complete backflow services will protect you and the public from unsafe drinking water with a properly functioning backflow prevention device. With annual testing, you’ll reduce the risk for unsafe drinking water, protecting your facility and the public. We’ll work to prevent the reverse flow of water and other substances into treated drinking water, reducing the risk for contamination.

Regulatory Requirements»

  • Federal Safe Drinking Water Act of 1968-EPA.
  • OSHA.
  • Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Colorado State CRS25-1-114 (1982 Rev. Vol. 11).
  • Colorado Primary Drinking Regulation.
  • Uniform Plumbing Code.

Backflow Prevention»

  • Reduce the possibility of potential hazards and contaminations with proper operational capabilities of backflow prevention device.
  • Review, maintain, and implement backflow prevention.
  • Backpressure and backsiphonage monitoring.
  • Inspection of backflow operation and conditions.

Backflow Maintenance»

  • Maintenance to backflow prevention devices.
  • Inspections for regulation mandates.
  • Testing on annual devices for optimal performance.

With Empire Fire & Safety, we work to prevent any contamination to public drinking water with our backflow prevention testing and inspections. Each inspection will include a comprehensive report pertaining to our findings and the operational standards for the backflow prevention device.

Don’t take the risk of causing unsafe drinking water. Contact Empire Fire & Safety today for your backflow prevention testing.

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