Testing and Inspections of Commercial Hood Systems

As a leader for fire protection services in Colorado, Empire Fire & Safety is proud to offer testing and inspection services for cooking and restaurant hood systems. With our testing and inspections of commercial hood systems, we offer services for both wet and dry chemical fire suppression.

All of our testing and inspections are in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards 17, 17A and 96, as well as local fire codes for fire prevention and safety. In addition, we abide by the Uniform Fire Code for the authorities holding jurisdiction governing testing frequencies as most hood suppression systems require semi-annual inspections.

With properly inspected and maintained commercial hood systems, the damages caused by a fire are reduced to protect lives and investments. Through our comprehensive testing and inspections that abide by all local and national regulations, cooking and restaurant hood systems will work efficiently to reduce the hazards of fire.

Empire Fire & Safety offers semi-annual testing and inspections for hood suppression systems, which include:


  • Manual and automatic activation fire detection (Manual pull station and fusible link lines)
  • Verify alarm reporting capability (if equipped).
  • Verify proper weight of activation cartridge.
  • Verify test dates of all system cylinders.
  • Verify weight and quantity of suppression agent.
  • Verify all nozzle protection caps are in place and in serviceable conditions.

Testing and Inspections»

  • Proper operation of automatic gas shut-off valve mechanical or electrical shunt trip.
  • Inspect hood filters and verify that they meet standards for use.

Hood Inspections»

  • Reset gas valve to correct operating position.
  • Replacement of fusible links per manufacturer recommendations with appropriate temperature fusible links.
  • Clean all nozzles.

With our comprehensive testing and inspections for commercial hood systems, a written report is provided, stating the operational condition and findings for the hood suppression system, as well as an inspection tag.

Empire Fire & Safety strives for ultimate fire protection services. Call today to arrange for industry standard testing and inspections of commercial hood systems.

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