Test and Inspect Your Fire Sprinkler Systems with Empire Fire & Safety

In accordance with federal and local fire code standards, Empire Fire & Safety offers complete inspection services for fire sprinkler systems in Colorado. As a leader among fire sprinkler companies, we understand the importance and vitality of the periodic testing and inspection of sprinkler systems to ensure Life, Safety, and Property Protection. With properly inspected and reliable fire sprinklers that are well maintained, you can rest assured the fire protection equipment will operate as designed and intended in the event of a fire.

The National Fire Protection (NFPA) Standard 25 recommends monthly, quarterly, and annual testing and inspections for fire sprinklers. Not to mention, local authorities holding jurisdiction and insurance carries require compliance of the standards, in addition to specific intervals and inspections pertaining to the location.

With national statistics reporting 9 out of 10 Americans will face at least one fire emergency during the course of their lifetime, regular inspections and required maintenance provide assurance to facility owners with an elevated level of protection from catastrophic losses due to fires. In fact, properly inspected and maintained fire sprinkler systems will minimize the devastation of a fire by as much as 95 percent– saving both lives and assets.

Empire Fire & Safety provides complete inspections and testing for fire sprinkler systems in Colorado to meet federal and local standards to protect property and life loss in the event of a fire. Our comprehensive services include:

Monthly Inspections »

  • System component floor level inspection.
  • Check and record static system pressure.
  • Check and verify operating position and security of critical path flow control valves.
  • Check Fire Department Connection.
  • Check system drains for obstructions.

Quarterly Inspections»

  • Perform monthly inspections in conjunction with quarterly testing.
  • System water flow and electronic alarm initiation (both local and remote station).
  • Perform Main Drain Test to ensure adequate delivery of water pressure from supply source.
  • Perform Inspectors Test to verify fire alarm initiation capability of flow/pressure devices to ensure initiation of local and remote station fire alarms.
  • Check system drains for obstructions.
  • Perform Monthly and Quarterly inspections and testing in conjunction with industry regulations.

Annual Maintenance»

  • Stroke and torsion test of Position Indicating Valves (PIVs).
  • Stroke, lube, and torsion testing of OS&Y valves.
  • Flow test dry pipe sections for sprinkler systems.
  • Flow test of pre-action or deluge water-based suppression systems.
  • Floor level inspections of sprinkler heads, piping, and associated piping supports.

Don’t let the devastation of an unexpected fire take you by surprise. Protect your assets and save lives with Empire Fire & Safety.

For complete industry standard inspections and testing of fire sprinkler systems in Colorado, contact Empire Fire & Safety today!

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