Complete Testing and Inspections of Fire Alarm Systems

Leading the way for fire safety, Empire Fire & Safety performs testing and inspections for fire alarms and fire detection in Colorado. In compliance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA Standard 72, 72H, local specific fire codes, and Uniform Fire Code (UFC), we ensure your fire alarm systems are working properly in the event of a fire.

With our comprehensive fire safety services, our experienced staff inspects, maintains, and replaces fire alarm panels, pull stations, heat and smoke detectors, and performs annual fire alarm inspections to protect commercial properties.

We ensure your fire alarm systems will be working properly to react quickly should a fire occur, saving valuable time to protect lives, assets, and property from fire devastation. In addition to our complete fire alarm testing and inspection services, we check all detectors for damage or obstructions, such as a dead air pocket.

Fire Notifications»

  • Monitoring company of testing and inspection services in progress.
  • Monitoring company when test and inspection are complete.

Performance Checks»

  • All fire alarm equipment to ensure it’s undamaged and in top operational conditions.
  • Power supply for normal indication and reaction.
  • Illuminate lamps and LED on fire alarm control and annuciator panels.
  • Water levels of wet cell batteries (non-sealed type).
  • Transmitting equipment for normal indications.
  • All manual stations for damage or obstructions.

System Verifications»

  • Operability of all notification devices (horns, strobes, bells, auto dialers).
  • Test supervisory device circuits.
  • Primary power supply.
  • Disconnect primary power supply to test secondary power supply.
  • Test all control unit functions.
  • Activate alarm notification appliances.

Upon completing our extensive fire alarm inspections, we provide a complete written report including all findings and the operability condition of the fire alarm system and an inspection tag.

With Empire Fire & Safety, you and your assets are in good hands with the protection of a properly performing fire alarm system that’s there when you need it.

Contact Empire Fire & Safety today for complete fire alarm testing and inspections.

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